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We are non-political, interdenominational, nondenominational, voluntary and non-partisan body of Christian students bound together by a common faith with the heavenly calling of Christ according to the Holy Scriptures.


To equip members for effective christian living and service in every area of life according to their calling, gifting and or training through Discipleship, Missions, Evangelism and Leadership Development


To transform and empower students and graduates.

Core Values

Faithfulness to the holy scriptures


Leadership development and capacity building
Integral mission and social transformation

Our journey

History of MMUST CU

There was an institution called WECO ( Western College of Arts and Applied Sciences ) ‌WECO had it's own instructor, and a Christian Union Patron, and being that the institution was fairly small, the CU was likewise small but functional ‌Later on in December 2002, the institution was elevated as a constituent of Moi University and fortunately the Christian union still remained independent and functional. ‌Now the CU entailed congregants of the University and those from WECO, whom later on were phased out after their groups finished their studies. ‌Rev. Prof. Willis Otuya has been and is the Cu patron since the Christian Union begun.
Affiliated Bodies:

  • ‌FOCUS
  • ‌Trinity Fellowship
  • ‌Navigators

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Rev. Prof. Willis Otuya

CU Patron

I have walked with the Lord since my days in highschool and have served him in all diligence. A decision i have constantly walked with all through. Some times the road is bumpy, the terrain gets to be very rough but scripture is very clear that God is faithful, He will keep us, He will sustain us, He won't leave us nor forsake us. Those are words that have helped me over the days. These words I've shared with the CU members, and told them that the decision to follow Christ is noble and they will never regret. And when they are much older, their lives will speak to other younger lives, their lives will witness for the Lord just as the old adage says, 'Actions speak louder than words' . When young people walk with the Lord, they'll be able to raise very strong families, support other younger people and help other CU members.

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Evangelistic teams

  1. CET (Central Evangelistic Team)
    Email: cetmmustchapter@gmail.com
    Mission: To equip members with the word of God towards their calling and gifts through discipleship, evangelism, and capacity building for effective Christian living.
    Vision: Empowered students and graduates for evangelism
    Contact: +254716501840

  2. UET (Uttermost evangelistic team)
    Email: uetmmust200@gmail.com
    Contact: 0791326204
    Motto: "here I am,send me Lord" Isaiah 6:8
    Mission:UET is committed to prayerfully witness the gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching, mentoring and preaching the word of God.
    Vision: To be a leading evangelistic team in transforming lives of people in Kenya by the Holistic Gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost.

  3. RIVET (Rift valley evangelistic team)
    Email: rivetmmustcu@gmail.com
    MISSION: Our mission is to make fully devoted followers of Christ, we want to be part of witnessing lives saved by the grace and truth of Jesus Christ and making believers grow as disciples.
    VISION:Reach out, equip and send.

  4. NET
    Email : netminmmustcu@gmail.com
    Contact: 0758729197
    Motto: Responding to God’s call
    VISION: A society where people live in peace with God and one another
    MISSION: To evangelize,prepare and equip believers to rightly divide the word of truth,obtain and enhance spiritual growth, effectively declare the message of the scripture, mature in their knowledge and have a committed lifestyle that enriches the church and society

  5. WESO
    Email : wesommust23@gmail.com
    MISSION: WESO is a non tribalistic organization that made to reach the world with the gospel , especially the Western side It's a home away from home and a family of love We believe in the father , the son and the holy spirit

  6. MUBET (Mid-eastern united brethren evangelistic team)
    VISION: is studying, practicing and teaching.

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Christian Union Advisory Board.

It's a structured arrangement in the Christian Union, to help look at its activities, particularly in the leadership. From an independent point of view ‌It's composed of non-students, but mainly born again University staffs, some eminent persons that have served and walked with the Lord who include the Focus Staffs (CMF and STEM staff) together with some Focus associates. ‌Some of the members are, Rev. Prof Willis Otuya (Cu Patron), Dr. Rapando ( Assistant Patron), Clement Babu (CMF), the STEM staff, the Indakwas (members, are working with Trinity Fellowship), Mr. Gideon Kato (member, is Chair of Kakamega Focus Associates) among others.

Student leadership.

Student leasdership consists of:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Vice secretary
  • Treasuer
  • Discipleship coordinator
  • Prayer coordinator
  • ICT coordinator
  • Creative ministry coordinator
  • Associate coordinator
  • Missions coordinator
  • Bible study coordinator
  • Music coordinator

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